Lifters shine at Lamesa

The Sweetwater High School girls placed first and the SHS boys placed second on Saturday at the Lamesa powerlifting meet.The girls put on a domi-nant showing at Lamesa as Sweetwater’s 45 points more than doubled the 19 by Colorado City, which came in a distant second.Sweetwater’s individual winners were Bri Munoz (525 total pounds) in the 105-pound class, Allie Zavaleta (540 total pounds) in the 123-pound class, Kelsey Painter (630 total pounds) in the 148-pound class, Lexie Perez (650 total pounds) in the 165-pound class and Loni Mendez (700 total pounds) in the 181-pound class. Munoz was also the best Malone lifter (546.26) in the 97-to-165-pound classes and she also had the best dead lift (228.91) in that weight category while having the second-best squat (208.10) and bench press (109.25). But as good as Munoz was, Mendez fared even better, as she had the best Malone lift (482.86), plus the best squat (200.04) and best bench press (89.67) and the second-best dead lift (193.14) in the 181-to-220-pound classes. Also, Sweetwater’s Alexis Thompson (475) was second in the 105-pound class; Kika Hernandez was third (545) in the 148-pound class; and Briana Rosas (470) was fourth in the 181-pound class. Painter had the third-best Malone lift (533.11) in the 97-to-165-pound class and second-best dead lift (228.47). Thompson (106.57) had the third-best bench press while Zavaleta (223.99) had the third-best dead lift.The boys lost a tiebreaker after actually tying Lamesa for first place out of 14 schools competing. Despite the high team finish, Sam Nemir (1,165 total pounds) was Sweetwater’s only individual winner as he placed first in the 165-pound class. Ryan Linebaugh (1,105) and Cory Burns (1,095) placed second in the 165- and 198-pound classes, respectively. Other individuals who had top-five finishes at the meet for Sweetwater were Jay Lomas (675), who was third in the 123-pound class; Alex Garcia (1,115), who was third in the 181-pound class; Spencer Young (1,060), who was third in the 198-pound class; Zack Rosas (725), who was fourth in the 132-pound class; Adrian Lopez (945), who was fourth in the 148-pound class; and Anthony Palacios (1,115), fifth in the 198-pound class.Other individuals who placed at the meet for the Mustangs were Brandon Galindo (815), sixth in the 165-pound class; Kendall Rea (950), sixth in the 220-pound class; Donald Baker (820), eighth in the 148-pound class; Hunter John-son (1,075), eighth in the 242-pound class; Malcolm Jackson (980), eighth in the 275-pound class; Andrew Davis (710), ninth in the 220-pound class; Kyle Lam-bert (960), 10th in the 198-pound class; Trey Harvey (725), 13th in the 148-pound class; Donato Gaxiola (680), 14th in the 242-pound class; and Nick Nemir (680), 20th in the 148-pound class. Jose Garcia competed in the 275-pound class at Lamesa but did not place.