Lifters will go on to region

A total of 24 high school powerlifters from Sweetwater — 10 girls and 14 boys — advanced to regional competition when Sweetwater hosted the final qualifying meet on Feb. 18.The 10 girls qualifiers — representing every Sweetwater powerlifters who competed at Sweetwater’s meet — are Joslyn Rosas, Loni Mendez, Lexi Perez, Dana Hohn, Cari Aguilar, Kimmie Lomas, Allie Zavaleta, Bri Painter, Valerie Zavaleta and Alexis Thompson. This year’s girls regional meet will be held Saturday in Monahans.At Sweetwater’s meet, Rosas (755) was fourth in the 220-pound class; Mendez (780) was second and Perez (675) was fourth in the 181-pound class; Hohn (665) was third in the 165-pound class; Aguilar (670) was first and Lomas (565) was fourth in the 132-pound class; Allie Zaval-eta (655) was third in the 123-pound class; Painter (500) was third and Val-erie Zavaleta (465) was fifth in the 114-pound class; and Alexis Thomp-son (515) was second in the 105-pound class.While Aguilar was the only weight class winner, Mendez (116.30) was first in the bench press among all lifters in the 181-to-220-pound weight classes, and Perez (214.61) was first in the dead lift among all lifters in the 181-to-220-pound weight classes. Mendez was also third (212.07) in the Malone squat and third (533.60) in the Malone lift among all lifters in the 181-to-220-pound classes.As a team, Sweetwater had 33 points to finish second to Hawley’s 47. Abilene High, Coahoma, Clyde, Midland Green-wood, Odessa High, Sny-der, Jim Ned, Pecos, Big Spring, Seminole, Rotan, Post, Merkel and Garden City were also represented at the meet.Regional qualifiers for the Sweetwater boys are Jay Lomas, Bray Amos, Johnathan Browning, Donald Baker, Austin Marlett, Ryan Linebaugh, Sam Nemir, Alex Garcia, Anthony Palacios, Kyle Lambert, Kendall Rea, Mateo Gonzales, Chase Saunders and Angel Cab-allero. The regional meet is March 9 in Sundown.At Sweetwater’s meet, the hosts had no weight class winners but several high finishes. Gonzales (1,475) was second in the 242-pound class; Nemir (1,340) was second in the 181-pound class; Rea (1,140) was fourth in the 220-pound class; Linebaugh (1,200) was fourth in the 165-pound class; Amos (860) was fourth in the 132-pound class; Garcia (1,230) was fifth in the 198-pound class; Baker (1,010) was fifth in the 148-pound class; Lomas (835) was fifth in the 123-pound class; Browning (805) was seventh in the 132-pound class; Saunders (1,130) placed eighth in the 275-pound class; Caballero (1,095) placed 10th in the 275-pound class; Palacios (1,065) was 11th in the 198-pound class; and Marlett (870) was 13th in the 148-pound class. Sweet-water placed fourth out of 21 schools as a team.Also placing for Sweet-water at its meet were Nick Nemir (835), who was 15th in the 148-pound class; and Trey Harvey (790), 19th in the 148-pound class.