Lighting contest winners announced

The Sweetwater Chamber of Commerce announced its Lighting Contest Winners. They are as follows:Sweetwater:North of Broadway and East of Hailey:First Place: Crystal Meneses (Anna and George Underwood) at 1419 Edgewood.Second Place: Chris Hamlin at 1001 Lou Ave.North of Broadway and West of Hailey:First Place: Antonio Padilla at 1110 Crane Street Second Place: Buddy and Minnie Cortez at 904 Elm Street.South of Broadway and East of Lamar:First Place: Debra & John Soto 507 East New MexicoSecond Place: Donna DeLaCruz/Samantha Dent.South of Broadway and West of Lamar:First Place: Randy and Larissa Petty at 118 Southview Terrace.Second Place: U.S. and Frances Burton at 111 West Avenue K.ROSCOE:First Place: Paul and Sabrina Bishop at 1419 Bandera.