Local author holds book signing for the community


A local author, Enez Ensenia, debuts her children’s book called the “Sourpuss Longbottom” at the Nolan County City Library.
Tuesday afternoon she held her book signing for many guests and an gave an opportunity to buy her book. She read the first chapter of her book along with the attendees, provided refreshments, signed books, and answered questions from the audience.
She was born in a small town, Chillicothe, Texas. She then came to Sweetwater when she was three years old.
“I have always loved to read and Mom would place notes on stuffed animals and give them names growing up. I think that's where I noticed the fun in giving a 'voice' to make-believe things. I began writing in the 90's while I was working for Dell Computers. I always wanted to entertain folks of all ages with what I could conjure up in my mind-no matter how far-fetched it sounded,” said Ensenia.
Ensenia believes and lives her life with a love for the three C’s, she says she loves chocolate, coffee, and of course cats.
She currently works at the Nolan County City Library and grew up volunteering in libraries.
“I have a great support group of friends and family that encourage me with what I love. I admit I can be a "sourpuss" and or "scaredy cat" when it comes to putting myself out there, but with their help and "kick my butt if I don't" attitude I'll succeed in writing enjoyable, fun and entertaining stories,” said Ensenia.
Her book is about three magical fairies who try their best to keep the future Queen, a half-cat half­ raccoon Sourpuss Longbottom, safe from the evil wizard, Gizmo. Their adventure takes them to the wizard's castle where they must conjure up spells and rely on their magic to save Sourpuss and return her to her royal parents. The three fairies engage the help of their good friends, Babs, the raven and Maxila, the witch. The dear friends have to band together to fight the evil wizard. Will they all succeed or will they find themselves battling the evil wizard at every turn? With quick thinking and loyal friends anything is possible! A bit of humor, some fast thinking and some frightening, unforgettable characters make up this story of true friends, who are different in appearance, but the same when it comes to being there for each other in the end.