Local church gives to C-City fire victims

Community connections extend beyond a town’s physical limits. Those connections extend the hand of friendship and care during times of hardship.The First Salem Lutheran Church in Roscoe collected funds during the Easter holidays to help those in Colorado City who lost their homes during the February wildfire.“These are very caring, very good, generous folks who are always looking for a way to give and share,” Howell Martin, pastor said.Martin, who is a coach and sixth grade science teacher at Colorado Middles School, was well acquainted with the fire situation in Colorado City.The fire occurred at the start of the Lenten season, so Martin went to the fire site and gathered some of the ash from burned grasses for the church to use during the Ash Wednesday service.“It got everyone to thinking what can we do and gave us a special connection to the fire victims,” Martin said.The church collected $2,000 which they presented to the City National Bank this week for the Fire Recovery Fund.