Local family celebrates two years after daughter’s last chemotherapy treatment

In October of 2012, Katelyn Ausborn — who was five years old at the time — was diagnosed with Wilms’ tumor. She was taken to Covenant Children's Hospital in Lubbock where an expert team removed the tumor. Wilms' tumor is a rare kidney cancer that primarily affects children. Also known as nephroblastoma, Wilms' tumor is the most common cancer of the kidneys in children. Wilms' tumor most often affects children ages 3 to 4 and becomes much less common after age 5.Wilms' tumor most often occurs in just one kidney, though it can sometimes be found in both kidneys at the same time.Improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of Wilms' tumor have improved the prognosis for children with this disease. Katie spent the next year and a half after her diagnosis going through chemotherapy and radiation therapy. "It was a hard time for her and our family," said Andrea Croan, Katie's mother. Almost exactly two years ago, Katie completed her last round of chemotherapy.Today, Katie and her family celebrate two years of no recurring disease. Katie will attend second grade at East Ridge Elementary School. "Our family would like to thank all of the friends, families and local community for the thoughts and prayers that were given for Katie," said Croan.Katelyn made a friend while in Covenant named Isabel Bonilla. She is currently battling leukemia for the second time. "We ask for prayers for her as she continues this battle," said Croan. "Although Sweetwater may not see it every day, Lubbock sees many children battling life-threatening diseases every day."