Local martial arts instructor holds several world records

Master Chip Townsend, owner of the area-wide Team Chip Tae Kwon Do centers, spoke to the local chapter of the Rotary Club during their lunch-time meeting on Monday, July 23 at the local TSTC (Texas State Technical College) campus.Before his presentation, Townsend showed two video clips to Rotarians showcasing his extraordinary ability of breaking boards, concrete slabs and other objects. The second video, courtesy of ESPN, featured Townsend and several of his students at a competition where he broke a world record.While he currently holds a number of world records in the breaking sport, Townsend noted his intention is never to promote himself. When EPSN began presenting him with the opportunities in 2000, his desire was--and still is--to compete, build his brand and impact lives.This mindset carries over into his business, in which he currently owns five centers. Promoting teamwork, Townsend strives to impact, change and inspire his students through empowerment.He also shares the same message with his instructors, through a creed that promotes courtesy, patience and enthusiasm while urging the teachers to instruct each class as if it is the most important class they will ever lead. Townsend urged Rotary members to take that creed and apply it to their own lives as well.The motto of Team Chip, Townsend shared, is "empowering people through the pursuit of personal martial arts excellence." In addition, "Team Chip" is also an acronym, in which he spoke on what each letter represented."Team" is made up of the words 'teachable', 'excellence', 'accountability' and 'motivation'. Townsend encourages people to be willing to accept feedback, excel at their strengths, follow through with public promises and bring heart to everything they strive for."Chip"--courtesy, honesty, inspire & perseverance--is the second half, in which Townsend promotes respect, integrity, leading by example and never giving up to those he teaches and spends time with.But not only are his students and instructors taught these character traits, but also his family. Townsend has been married for 20 years to Glyn Ann--who also participates and excels in breaking--and has three children.Using a pen to represent life, Townsend also shared that each person has a story to tell. As a West Texas native, he lost an eye at three years old following an accident with a welding rod. On occasion while competing, Townsend will wear a patch to symbolize the different perspective and dimension in which he lives his life.During his young ordeal, he said that his mother was always encouraging him--a contrast from the discouragement he heard from others, telling him to be strong. He was going to change the world, she said, all while being a good man.With his original dream of going into military service diminished, he got involved in breaking--an individual sport--and learned that he can accomplish anything he desires. Through hard work, effort and his beliefs, Townsend said he has been blessed with the opportunities that have been presented to him.Townsend's success has led him to appear on various national and even some international magazines, which allow him to teach and encourage others to live a right life. He also is involved in several endorsements, one of which even allowed him to appear with his daughter on an international catalogue.In addition, he also appeared on NBC's competition show "America's Got Talent" with fifteen of his students. Even though he went through life being different, Townsend is thankful to his strong support system."When life is at its lowest," Townsend said, "that is when you learn and get strong."Everyone has a story, Townsend said--a masterpiece to share. He even takes to YouTube to post a "Team Chip Minute", which features encouraging words, and he is also a certified John Maxwell team teacher, trainer and speaker.Townsend was able to present to the Rotary Club as a guest of Rotary member Jeremy Dodd. Other guests at the meeting included two British soccer players--who are helping teach the local soccer camp, and the facilitators of the Sweetwater Team Chip center, Loni Mendez and Eric Martinez. Several Rotary members also brought their children to the meeting as well.