Local pastor gives program on Malawi mission at Lions Club

On Sept. 10, longtime Lion member Alton Pyburn was responsible for the program. His first thought turned to his own church pastor, Rev. Brian Brownlow who serves First United Methodist Church in Sweetwater. In June of this year the entire Brownlow family traveled to Malawi, Africa to work and serve in the mission field there. It was no small feat for the family to earn enough money to pay their own way since they are a family of five. Brian Brownlow, wife Debbie and daughters Hayley, a Sweetwater High School senior, Mickenzie, a sophomore and son Carson in seventh grade made the memorable trip.Rev. Brownlow gave a powerpoint presentation showing the many activities that they helped with during the days they spent among the Malawi pastors and the children and families they minister to. Many of the children are orphans or have only limited family connections. Rev. Brownlow tried to explain the different way of life that they experienced for the time they were there. Their diet consisted mainly of corn and once a huge catfish was caught and everything was cooked and eaten by all. Even the bones were in the pot that the locals relished to the end.After learning about life in Malawi, members hearing his information had a new thankfulness and appreciation for our way of life.