Ludlum Measurements makes donation for 2014 69 Ranch’s Kids On the Land program

Peggy Maddox, Executive Director of Kids On the Land Program and Katherine Dickson of 69 Ranch, recently visited with Don Ludlum to accept a donation to support the Kids On the Land program at the Dickson Family 69 Ranch at Maryneal, Texas. This donation will support Kids On the Land days in September for Roscoe, Highland and Blackwell students. This program began four years ago and has expanded from fourth grade students to the fifth and this year third students will participate also. “Don Ludlum, president and founder of Ludlum Measurements, has always been a supporter of education,” Peggy Maddox stated. “Don was always willing to help me when I taught the gifted/talented program for fifth through eighth grade students in Sweetwater. He would donate his time to judge student projects, especially the annual Invention Convention. My students were always impressed that we had a real inventor in our town.”Kids On the Land, Inc. is 501C(3) Texas non-profit. The program has educated children about their local environment at various ranches across Texas since 2003 and over 3000 students have participated in the program. To learn more about this program, visit their website