The Magic Boat stops in Sweetwater

Just when you think the boat is a float, it's hittin' the road.Gregory Troy of Grand Rapids, Mich. is on his 15th voyage in his "Magic Boat," with a 95 Jimmy cargo van engine that gets 18 miles to the gallon, with 243,327 miles on it. Not to mention his $400 used boat purchase from his neighbor that's on top of it.Troy's making his voyage down the highway at 50 miles per hour and making many frequent pit stops to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation, selling T-shirts at $20 each which feature him, with his Magic Boat on the front. Troy chose to use Make A Wish Foundation because, "They are for a good cause, and good people," he said.His goal is to raise over $10 million, as well as getting on the Jay Leno Tonight show in Las Angeles, Calif.Troy's dream goal is to build 100 "Magic Boats" and to have them throughout the United States and to have them afloat, raising money through donations for charities.Being captain of the Magic Boat isn't the only thing Troy does; he's also a poet and inventor. He returns home to Grand Rapids for three months out of the year, but that doesn't mean he's staying in one place. During those three months, he ventures out with friends on camping and boating trips, as well as continues to raise money for this worthwhile cause. From Sweetwater, Troy headed to Lubbock. Along his journey, he will be making stops, to visit and inform people of his mission. If you wish to gain more knowledge about Troy and his Magic Boat, you may visit his website at