Man shot in face

A Sweetwater man was shot in the face just before noon on Wednesday according to Sweetwater Chief of Police Jim Kelley. The Sweetwater Police Department was dispatched to 102 Fisher Street around 11:02 a.m. on Wednesday about the shooting.Kelley stated that officers are still investigating details of the crime, but one man has already been arrested in the case. Danny Johnson was arrested Wednesday, as he allegedly shot at the 21-year-old male victim with a shotgun.According to Kelley, at least one pistol was also used in the shooting and authorities believe that there was more than one shooter. The victim was transported to Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital in stable condition, but was taken to Hendrick Medical Center Wednesday afternoon as one wound was "in or around his eye," according to Kelley.Kelley also stated that the victim had at least 15 pellets in his body and that the shooting allegedly resulted from a continuation of problems from the previous night.Witnesses say it happened after a neighbor asked him to stop the drug activity on the block.KTAB's Victor Sotelo was on the scene and talked to the shooter's sister who said the man who was shot, shot first.Sandra Bender lives on the 100 block of Fisher and said it was always quiet, until after new neighbors moved in.She lives there with her 86 year-old mother who is in poor health."She says did you hear that and I said yeah, and two nights ago we heard more gun shots. So last night when it happened again I called my daughter and said these people are our here shooting again," said Bender. Bender said for the past few nights they've heard gun shots and were afraid to come out.So Wednesday morning her brother, 55 year-old Danny Johnson, and her son came over and went next door to talk to the neighbors."He told them my mother and my sister live here and they are sickly, and you need to quit all that shooting, and all of the sudden they were shooting," said Bender.That's when she says one of the neighborhoods pulled a gun and shot at her brother and son, her brother returned fire shooting a man in the face.Sandra says her mom has lived here for over 50 years and just wants her street to be safe again.Johnson is charged with aggravated assault.