Masonic Lodge awards Golden Trowel and Community Builder Awards

Sweetwater Masonic Lodge 571 has an open called meeting Saturday, Nov. 12. A covered dish meal will be served at 6 p.m. with a meeting to follow. The meeting has been called to present the Golden Trowel Award to Glen Wortham and the Community Builder Award to the Woman's Forum.A brother who receives the Golden Trowel Award is entitled to special recognition, not because he expected recognition, but rather because of his service to his lodge, to free masonry, to his community and to humanity. It is designed for the brother who consistently does little things — not for recognition but rather because he practices in daily life the true principles taught all Masons at the Alter of the Lodges. Such a brother has learned well the Lessons of the Trowel as taught to him upon his raising to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason.During the time as a Master Mason he has served on many committees, such as Chairman of the Audit Committee. Brother Wortham has been elected to all stations and has served as Worshipful Master.The Golden Trowel Award is the highest award a lodge can bestow upon a brother. This award has been awarded to Brothers John B. Brookshire, W.J. (Bill) Beaver, W.C. (Cliff) Henson, J.C. (Jack) Choate, Fred E. Nayfa, Eart DeBusk, Bill J. Lawhon, Bill Tucker, Lewis B. Williams, John N. Meadows, Tim Fambrough and Don Brock.The Community Builder Award has been designated to enable a lodge to recognize outstanding non-Masons who have distinguished themselves through their service to the community, to the local, state or national government, to their church or to humanity.Although they have never been initiated into Masonry, have filled the same presence, ideals and standards have been established for Masonic behavior.The committee has determined that the Woman's Forum has met these requirements and should receive this award. The Community Builder Award is the highest award a lodge can bestow on a non-Mason. This meeting is open to all Masons and non members and they incite all family and friends of these to be honored to attend.