McFarland Resigns as Superintendent; Board Accepts Voluntary Departure

Photo by Ray Bohall
Joseph Grant

Dr. George McFarland tendered his resignation during a Sweetwater ISD School Board special meeting on Monday. The resignation was accepted by the seven member Board. McFarland was not present at the meeting.
“On behalf of the entire District, the Board of Trustees expresses its appreciation to Dr. McFarland for his efforts while serving as Superintendent of this great school district and its wonderful students, parents and administrators, and for the vision he exercised during his tenure as Superintendent,” School Board President Jeff Allen said in a news release.
“Policy as a Trustee, is to direct the superintendent with the best intentions for the students. It has been no secret that the past few months’ board meetings have been a great source of anxiety for myself, and several other board members” - Jeff Allen, said in an emotionally-charged opening statement.
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