McMurry University to host talk on “What Started in Texas Changed the World”

Staff Writer

McMurry University and the Dallas-Ft. Worth local section of the American Chemical Society will host Dr. Diana Mason, professor emeritus in the Department of Chemical Education at the University of North Texas, at 7 p.m. Friday, October 2, in the Old Main Matthews Auditorium. Dr. Mason will discuss the history of scientific discovery in Texas titled “What Started in Texas Has Changed the World.”
If Texas was designated today as her own country, she would rank as the 11th richest country in the world. But why? This presentation highlights how the history of Texas has affected our status on the world stage and how things that happened in Texas have made a difference. She will discuss the advent of the discovery of oil, the addition of malodorants to natural gas, the fluoridation of municipal water supplies, and the birth of nanotechnology. The top 10 stories imparted by Dr. Mason serve to make chemistry engaging and “you’ll get to leave with all the bragging rights that make Texas and Texans extraordinary.”
For more information on this free lecture, please contact Dr. Edward Donnay at 325-793-3878 or email