Meek Blood Center in need of donations

In light of the upcoming holidays, the Meek Blood Center in Abilene is in need of any and all blood donors. However, the blood center has a current shortage of type O negative.Francis Baker is the donor recruiter with the Meek Blood Center. She said that only six percent of the population has type O negative blood. "It is the universal donor, and we have to have a certain amount of it on hand," Baker noted.With the holiday season fast approaching, Baker mentioned that the number of blood donors drops. She hopes that by urging citizens and communities to donate blood, that trend will change.Recently, the Meek Bloodmobile was stationed at the Sweetwater High School for two days. Baker praised the efforts of those who came to donate during the blood drive. "Last week, we had 104 donors, and I give the highest compliments to those high schoolers and teachers who donated." Thankfully, the Sweetwater community will have another opportunity to donate. The Meek Blood Center will be teaming up with Judge Gary Harger in holding a blood drive on Monday, Dec. 20. A Bloodmobile will be stationed at the Nolan County Courthouse from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and will be partnered with a food drive to stock up the local food pantry located inside the Courthouse."Sweetwater is one of the best places we go, and we always have a lot of support," Baker said. "We hope to have an awesome turnout."