Meeting held to discuss Round-Up plans

In less than eight weeks, the Sweetwater Jaycees World’s Largest Rattlesnake Round-Up will be back in full force. The biggest event that West Texas and the world knows doesn’t come together without preparation. A meeting about the Rattlesnake Round-Up took place to discuss parking, tours and other aspects that need to be addressed. One change that will be taking place this year is that Cypress and Pecan will be turned into one way streets, both going south during the weekend of the Round-Up. By changing these two streets to one way traffic, the flow of traffic is expected to be less congested and easier to keep at a steady flow. The carnival will be in the same location as last year, in the first fenced lot on the west side of FM 419. The parking for carnival patrons will be in the major/national little league parking lot.The cook off will be in the same place as it has been the past few years, between the tank and the walking track at Newman Park. The overflow parking will be in the major league ball park, on the curve of FM 419. Traffic is one of the biggest concerns, during Round-Up weekend, but with the Nolan County Sheriff’s Posse directing traffic the complications should be lessened. Traffic will be entering the park at Jack Hazard Drive and exit out toward Cypress Street. Jaycees will enter through the ag barn area, north of the carnival off of FM 419 and enter through the rear of the Coliseum area. Lions Club vendors will have parking available to them on the south side of Muncy Arena. The Rifle and Pistol Club members will park behind and around the rear of the Annex. Lions Club members — for the show barn flea market — will have several spaces just to the east of the show barn. Parking will be available from the Sheriff’s Posse, on the west side of the high school baseball field. The City will provide parking in the new parking area south from the high school baseball field. There will be no parking allowed by the bridge from Jack Hazard Drive to the Coliseum; only foot traffic will be allowed. Vendors will have booths in the coliseum, annex and outside the fence along the first parking island, in front of the coliseum. Preparation will continue up until the start of the Round-Up. Round-Up weekend will be the second weekend in March.