Melendez honored as Teacher Tribute Winner

Sweetwater High School Spanish Teacher, Tina Melendez was honored as Arrow Ford's Teacher Tribute Winner. She was nominated by Joe Alaniz, a sophomore at Sweetwater High School.The Arrow Dealerships were the driving force in the creation of the now renowned Teacher Tribute Program. With the help of its founding partners, the awards program first started in the 1997-98 school year, and has continued to grow and is celebrating its 15th Anniversary this year. The purpose of the Teacher Tribute Program is to give students of Abilene and the Big Country the opportunity to recognize and say, "Thank you!" to the teachers who have inspired and motivated them to do their best.Alaniz's nomination letter:Mrs. Melendez, The Inspiring TeacherBy Joe AlanizMy favorite teacher is Mrs. Melendez. She is nice, understandable and funny, but that doesn't make her my favorite teacher. What makes Mrs. Melendez my favorite teacher is the fact that she cares about her students. She helps us when we need it and never lets us give up. Also the fact that she doesn't play favoritism over her students, she treats each student as if we were her biological children. Mrs. Melendez earned my respect when she was the only teacher that took time off her schedule to come by my house when I broke my leg. She also has my respect by the truth that she speaks, everything she says I agree with. What Mrs. Melendez means to me an honorable trustworthy role model teacher that I can look up to and depend on. Most of all Mrs. Melendez to me she's a hero for fighting for our county and teaching your minds that will later be our future. I don't think Mrs. Melendez knows how important she is to me and other people. I would like for her to know she's done her job and made a difference not only in my life but also every student who walks thru her door and hears her sweet voice say hola. I don't know how she doesn't it, but she is the best teacher I have had in school and the most inspiring person I know.