Middle school holds morning and afternoon v’ball camps

The Sweetwater Middle School gym welcomed a large number of students when it hosted two volleyball camps this past week. Pictured above are those attending the afternoon camp. In no particular order are Elli Lehnert, Kaci Webb, Megan Kirkland, Hannah Mobley, Kyrsten Smith, Kolbi Turner, Faith Santiago, Riley Dodd, Amber Knox, Madison Mims, Michaela Currie, Kaitlyn Chance, Mia Valdez, Michiah Royal, Marissa (Pookie) Villanueva, Emma Dent, Julia Rees, Cyera Prepon, Lauren Brown and Kara Lehnert. Listed below are the students who attended the afternoon camp: Natalie Valdez, Lauren Rodriguez, Kaitlyn Foster, Eva Ornelas, Allyson Hogan, Angel Hogan, Avery Garcia, Angela Blueford, Sierra Martinez, Kalei Hayes, Lati Burnett, Amber Smith, Davina Walker, Megan Kirkland, Rhylee Meneses, Jessica Poe, Kensi Chowning, Alexe Alcala, Kaprice Cepeda, Brittany Peeples, Annaliese Espinoza, Mallory Carney, Maddie Berry, Lauren Jones, Kelsey Parker, Ainsleigh Nelson, Alexandra Perez, Katy Nixon, Jennifer Medellin, Xaveria Clark, Tori Gonzales, Sonora Medellin, Danielle Vega, Christa Martin, Sonya Sanchez, Josie Sanchez, Tabitha Davis and Katelyn Painter. The morning camp was for girls entering the seventh and eighth grade and the afternoon camp was for girls entering third through sixth grade. Also shown standing at far right in both pictures is Alicia Finn, a recent Sweetwater High School graduate who assisted at both camps along with SMS coaches Sandra Graham, Carla Lambert and Jill Locklar.