Miesha Hand running for City Commission

I am asking for your vote for Sweetwater City Commission in District 2, which represents much of the south side of Sweetwater. I believe that the intensifying economy requires more active and decisive leadership than we have had in the past. Our community has new opportunities and new challenges — and we need fresh ideas and a citizen-driven approach to the future.I am a businesswoman and a land owner. I work in the oil industry now and worked in the wind industry. While attending Angelo State University, I was full-time manager of a small business in San Angelo. As a rural landowner, I have been involved in the electric transmission industry, railroad and pipeline industries.I grew up in Sweetwater and graduated from Sweetwater High School. I moved to San Angelo to pursue a degree in business management at ASU before moving back to Sweetwater to start a family. I am currently enrolled in Western Governors University to obtain a degree in Accounting. As controller for a regional oilfield industrial housing company, I see other communities on a constant basis – Snyder, San Angelo, Odessa, and the smaller communities all across West Texas. I see daily how these other communities are reinvesting their new wealth in their families, and I believe that Sweetwater can do much more to use the new wealth from wind energy, oil industry, railroads and other major sectors to invest in our future through quality of life initiatives for our families and our youth, for example.I just turned 23, so it has been about five years since I was in the same school our teens are in today. I understand exactly how it is to be raised in Sweetwater — I’ve been independent since I was 16, earning my own wages, paying my own taxes, making my own decisions about my own future. There was never anything for the children to do after school, so we too often found trouble. Sweetwater has been at a standstill in development and family activities since I can remember. I also understand that a brighter future for Sweetwater doesn’t happen until we make it happen. We finally have the opportunity to grow our economy with the new business coming to the area due to the “oil boom” that is predicted. More than $500,000,000 in new industrial development is already underway or planned across Nolan County in just a few projects, and billions more in development projects are now occurring around Snyder and Colorado City — and those workers could choose to live in Sweetwater. Development is happening here because of oil and gas, wind, and railroads — the question is: How are we going to reinvest new public and private wealth into our families, our youth and our community. Are we going to take action now to improve our futures, or are we going to continue to drift and ignore Sweetwater’s challenges?With new business and more income for our city we can provide more for our community as a whole. Everything takes money to start, and we have opportunity to start making money as a community and applying that to assure our future. Solutions don’t have to depend on City property taxes, either. Not only will we have increasing income from industrial sales tax income as other oil cities have experienced, but there are substantial untapped resources in working with our growing industries, generous citizens in Sweetwater and the area — and highly successful former residents of Sweetwater now around the world. If we work together with a range of private and public sources to launch and develop ideas from Sweetwater’s creative residents, we can build together the Sweetwater we want to have.Are we going to use this opportunity to grow or let it pass us over? If you want a change, then vote for it. If you want some new ideas, then vote for them. If you want someone to listen to you and take action on what you think should happen, then vote for me! Let’s work together to improve our community.