Mobile radio systems to be purchased for NCSO

Following action taken by the Nolan County Commissioners at their Monday meeting, six mobile radio systems will be purchased for the Nolan County Sheriff's Office (NCSO). The full cost will be reimbursed by the FY (fiscal year) 2011 State Homeland Security Grant Program.Presenting the matter to the commissioners was Nolan County Sheriff David Warren, noting that the total cost would be around $21,000. These new radio systems would replace the aging units currently used by the county.Around $20,000 of the cost will be used for the radios, while the remaining amount will pay for the installation. The bid specifies that the work on the radios would need to take place in Lubbock.The funds from the State Homeland Security Program are being utilized similar to purchases made in the past, with a full 100% reimbursement. After this purchase, only $200 will remain in the grant to be used in the future.Also at the meeting, approval was given to advertise for bids for fuel for Nolan County precincts and the Sheriff's Department. Additional approval was given to advertise for bids for gravel and AC5 asphalt for the 2013 seal coating projects for Nolan County precincts; the project is slated to take place as early as May but no later than June.