Mother Obama’s cabinet is pretty bare

You know, as much fun as it is to pick on the United States Secret Service for their recent troubles in Columbia, I didn’t really think the organization was in any real trouble. I’ve changed my mind about that though. Evidently Janet Napolitano regards the issues at the Secret Service as being so important that she has had to tear herself away from overseeing the sexual assault of as many airline passengers as possible (through her Transportation Safety Authority, or TSA organ). I had no idea the Secret Service was in such bad shape that she would have to let the TSA molest people unsupervised in order for her to rush to the defense of the Secret Service. If her work at TSA is any indication, we should soon be seeing surprising results from her direct supervision of the Secret Service. Maybe getting the “once over” from a secret service agent is about to take on a whole new meaning. That should have the effect of the secret service agents feeling less need for consorting with prostitutes after a long day of “working the crowd”.Don’t worry, if the secret service under Napolitano’s influence gets out of hand, you could always complain to the justice department under Eric Holder…, hmm, that may not work out. Oh well, I’m sure that since Secretary Napolitano has done such a fine job with the TSA, and don’t forget how well she has secured our borders, not to mention the cooperation she is giving the State of Arizona in their struggles with illegal immigration, she will have the United States Secret Service in apple pie order before you know it. Say, I wonder how the secret service agents took the news that Janet Napolitano seems to be taking their defense personally “in hand”? I bet they’re just jumping for joy over at the old secret service shop.So using the secret service’s recent troubles as a starting point, let’s do a little summing up of the Obama administration up to this point. Janet Napolitano is the Secretary of Homeland Security, and under her watch, sitting congressman have called the police, as have individual citizens, to complain about being assaulted, sexually and otherwise, by uniformed TSA agents. Additionally, as I’ve pointed out above, the United States Secret Service, which has to my knowledge never had a whisper of impropriety attached to it, is now behaving with all the finesse of a drunken bachelor party in a strip club. Not to mention that, judging by the administrations lawsuit against Arizona, illegal immigration seems to be somewhat less than a priority at the Homeland Security Agency.I already mentioned Eric Holder, so let’s go their next. Under Holder, the Justice department has sold guns to Mexican drug lords, at least one of which was then used to kill an American law enforcement officer. The (non) justice department has also refused to prosecute the “new” (as if racism is new or different depending on who practices it) black panthers who were clearly, and this is more important, provably, committing voter intimidation at a polling place in the United States. With a justice department like that we are soon going to be appealing to countries like Uganda to send us people to monitor our elections and polling places. This is the same justice department that The Barack has instructed to “look into” the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case, but while they can monitor a local murder case, they can’t seem to notice the new black panthers putting a dead or alive reward on an American citizen, even though they are doing it in the national media (such as it is). I would have to say that Holder has been about as successful as the Titanic was unsinkable.Okay, next let’s take a look at Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Now if you are an abortion fan, or even better a fan of federally funded (and that I might remind you means federally controlled) abortions, you might consider her to be a bit of a success.A couple of things occur to me about this woman and her post. First, how do you get away with calling someone who is not only participating in causing more abortions, and no matter what else you think about abortions the fact that an unborn baby dies in one is not debatable, but is additionally going to force people to pay for them; people who are morally opposed to anything to do with abortions, the Secretary of Health and Human Services? Shouldn’t her title be something a little closer to the Commissar in Charge of Population Control and Eugenics? Secondly, it occurs to me that I’m only aware of one other country in the world where the government is in charge of abortions and that Country is China, where they have forced abortions.So moving on, how about the job Hilda Solis is doing as the Secretary of Labor. While the National Labor Relations Board doesn’t actually work for her, in fact as near as I can tell, it essentially reports directly to the President (yes, that worries me). I didn’t notice “Secretary” Solis running to Boeings defense when it was being sued by the NLRB for, wait for it, building a factory and trying to hire workers to construct jets. Of course they built that factory in a right to work state, which apparently makes you an enemy of the administration on a level with the State of Arizona.Hey, how about that Timothy Geithner guy over at the Treasury Department? Now, I must say, he is probably the most pro-job guy in the administration. After all, I’m sure the I.R.S has to keep a spare agent or two around just to make sure he doesn’t make any more embarrassing slip ups regarding paying his taxes. On top of that, his policies and methods are a large part of the reason the printing presses are running nonstop printing money. I don’t know if the mint worked three shifts a day before The Obama and his buddies came to town or not, but I bet those presses are running flat out 24/7 now.I could certainly go on pointing out what fools and incompetents some of the Cabinet Secretaries are, after all we haven’t even touched the Departments of Education and Energy yet. However; the point is that even though The Barack likes to blame George W. Bush, or really anybody else for any and all troubles, the actual fact is his political appointees are doing exactly what he wants them to do, and doing exactly as he instructs them to do it. The question isn’t whether or not the administrations is carrying out the policies they do on purpose or not, they are. The question is why are they implementing them at all? What is the real goal of all of the financial upheaval, cultural strife and unrest that is originating from the federal government in Washington D.C.?Bruce Kreitler is the author of Obamageddon (the Culmination of the Progressive Looting of America) and posts this and other articles at