Multi-court Court at Law discussed at county meeting

The Nolan County Commissioners met Monday morning to discuss several agenda items. It was decided to leave the burn ban in place for the next two weeks as the wet weather and cold temperatures will be gone by Wednesday.Commissioners approved the reappointment of Richard Smola as the county appointee to the Municipal Auditorium board for February 2014 to February 2016. Commissioners also approved the appointment of Myla Gibson as the joint city-county appointee to the Municipal Auditorium board for February 2014 to February 2016.Judge David Hall then briefed the commissioners on a state funding proposal for the first multi-court court at law. The proposal is for $63,500 with a supplement of $84,000. The proposed amount is a stop gap to get Nolan County through until the next legislative session or until the attorney general makes a ruling on the interpretation of the multi-court law, whichever comes first. The commissioners made it clear that they do not agree with the current interpretation of the law. A motion was made to approve the proposed state funding for the first multi-court Court at Law. Hall will construct a letter, along with Judge Tim Fambrough and County Attorney Lisa Peterson, to be sent to the attorney general expressing the concerns of the commissioners and the interpretation of the law.A contract of mutual agreement between Nolan County and AllTrans Sweetwater Properties, L.L.C. (ATSWP) was approved at the meeting as well.An agreement between Nolan County and ES&S to renew election services and software commencing March 1, 2014 and ending Feb. 28, 2017 was approved by the commissioners. The agreement is the normal three year agreement that has been sent every year. Tom Mann with the West Central Texas Council of Governments discussed the need to renew and upgrade the mutual aid agreement for Nolan County, volunteer fire departments, Sheriff's office, city of Blackwell, city of Sweetwater and city of Roscoe. The new mutual aid agreement would put all agencies under one document that addresses all issues and doesn't leave out any agency in the case of an emergency or disaster. Updating the language will bring all entities under one umbrella and make it easier to get reimbursement to each agency. So far, nearly all agencies included in the mutual aid agreement have given positive feedback and only require a few changes, i.e. names of those in charge. Mann stressed that this is a draft copy only as some name changes still need to be made. Sheriff David Warren and Fire Chief Grant Madden both spoke in favor of the agreement. No action was taken by the commissioners at this meeting, but it will be on the agenda for approval at the next meeting.The last item discussed at the meeting was the system and software upgrade needed in the County Clerk's office. The current computers in the office cannot handle the required software upgrade. Because of this issue, six computers, monitors and a scanner need to be purchased to be compatible with the software upgrade. The commissioners voted to approve the purchase of new computers and a scanner for the County Clerk's office. The minutes from the Jan. 27 meeting were read and approved, and reports were received from the welfare office and county clerk.