Mustang Band makes top ratings

Last Saturday the Sweetwater High School Band participated in the Buckaneer Band Festival in Breckenridge. Sweetwater was one of only three bands to earn a top rating at the contest. They received “1s” from all three judges and also won “Best Overall Colorguard” of the competition. Finally, sophomore clarinetist Chrysten Ivy was named “Most Outstanding Soloist” of the entire event. The show features 10 different student musicians as either soloists or ensemble members, including Briana Rosas – trombone, Chrysten Ivy – clarinet, Chase Scott – alto saxophone, Laura Duclos – euphonium, Stephen Le – French Horn, Jeremy Kamer – tuba, Austin Marlett – trombone, Destiny Osteen and Lexi Martin – vocalists, and Clay Kitchens – trumpet. The theme “Dancing Shoes” ties three popular pieces together: "Smoke on the Water,” “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” and “Sing, Sing Sing.” The show includes a pair of red Texas-size dancing shoes (that dance), each over 11 feet long!Adjudicator Mike Lunney, in his recorded critique, said, “What an entertaining presentation! There is so much going on it is a challenge for me to take it all in. It is apparent that your students are enjoying their performance, as I’m sure your audiences are as well."Adjudicator Roger Zammaripa added, “Bravo to your many fine soloists! Your percussion are doing a nice job providing energy and a solid pulse.”Adjudicator Matt Davenport also added, “Good sounds from all sections. This is the best I’ve heard the Sweetwater Band since I can remember. Your show is very visual and well put together.”The band will compete again this Saturday, Oct. 8, at Abilene Wylie High School’s “Big Country Marching Contest.” The stadium address is 4502 Antilley Road, Abilene. Sweetwater will perform at 6:30 p.m. "The public is welcome to come out and support the band. They would love to have a great home audience."