Mustang Bowl to get new seats

During the Superintendent's Report at the Sweetwater ISD (Independent School District) Board of Trustees' meeting on Monday night, discussion was held on new seating to be installed at the Mustang Bowl.Three samples were seen by the board. Each seat is expected to cost an average of $120 and would be installed in sections D, E and F, excluding the first three rows.The seats are 20 inches, which would allow 18 seats per row. Thus, around 900 chairs would be installed.To cover costs, the board is considering raising the price for season ticket holders. They hope to get some feedback from the ticket holders on price increases through the use of an upcoming survey.Sports were a topic of much discussion during the overall report, as the new UIL district was recently announced for football. Sweetwater will be part of the 4A district, which will include extensive travel for the team--possibly as far as 300 miles.With the long distances, the district will be purchasing two new travel buses. The items had been initially included as part of the yearly budget.Furthermore, an update was given on the maintenance project taking place at the softball field. Work will take place this week on the outfield and scoreboard. Discussion was also held on the tearing down of the metal building at the ballpark, as well as some future expansion of the bleachers.An enrollment report was given as well, which cited 2,196 students in the district as of December 9--an increase of 110 students since the first day of classes. Tax collections were reported at $491,532 (6.46%) for the M&O (maintenance and operations), while the I&S (interest and sinking) stood at $57,862 (6.41%).In addition, the district received a letter of appreciation from Wink-Loving ISD, following Sweetwater's assistance in hosting their football playoff game during the inclement weather, which was originally scheduled at another venue. The board also set the date for the superintendent's evaluation on Wednesday, January 15, prior to the regular monthly meeting scheduled for Monday, January 20.