NCF approves matching grant for RPMH

Members of the Nolan County Foundation Board recently approved a Matching Grant of $40,000 for the under-construction Cardiac Rehab and Wellness Facility at the Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital. This action came after a presentation to the NCF Board by RPMH Administrator Donna Boatright and Wes Stafford detailing this newest project.In making this new grant, NCF Board members stressed the importance for all Nolan County and area residents to continue to have the latest in medical services available here. They continued that, second only to the NCF scholarship on-going project that has awarded $199,000 over the last nine years, this newest challenge grant is the largest single grant from the NCF.Both Boatright and Homer Taylor, president of the NCF, are encouraging other groups and individuals to consider gifting this very worthwhile project, noting that year-end gifts to non-profits have tax impacts for the donors. Boatright stated that the RPMH is already receiving donations that can be used as matching monies.According to Taylor, the NCF Challenge Grant stipulates that matching monies must be received by the completion of the RPMH newest project expected to be finalized by November 2014.NCF Board members continue to encourage non-profits in Nolan County to make proposals for additional beneficial projects. Recent grants have included funding projects at SNAP (Senior Nutrition Activities Program), the RPMH Wellness Center, the four Nolan County Volunteer Fire Departments, as well as the continuing of the scholarship awards of $1,000 each to Nolan County spring graduates from the four high schools.The NCF Board includes founding members Jerry Riggs, J.V. Martin, Ronnie Cox, Glenn Bennett, Ronald G. Williams, Bill Johnson, Rod Wetsel and Homer Taylor. Recently joining this group are Jan Smith, Caroline Lawrence, Tom Rees, Jr. and John Jay. Anyone seeking further information regarding the NCF can contact any board member or call the office at 325-236-6680.NCF Board members are available to speak to any interested organizations about the RPMH project and can be reached at 325-235-1701, ext. 220 or 360.