NCSO makes presentations at county meeting

During Monday's meeting of the Nolan County Commissioners, a few presentations were heard from the Nolan County Sheriff's Office (NCSO). Sheriff David Warren made the presentations, in which one of them dealt with a contract between Nolan County and Mitchell County to house inmates from Nolan County.Warren said that he had been approached with the deal by the sheriff of Mitchell County to consider using their facilities to house overflow prisoners from Nolan County. At this time, Nolan County has similar agreements with Garza, Taylor and Runnels counties.By adding Mitchell County, the option would prove to be more convenient due to its close proximity. Also, Warren noted that taxpayer money could be saved through transportation costs.But as of Monday morning, county attorney Lisa Peterson stated during the meeting that the commissioners court in Mitchell County was not aware of a contract. However, approval was given on the contract by the Nolan County commissioners, which now gives Mitchell County the opportunity to approve, amend or deny the contract.In addition, approval was given for the deputation of NCSO jailer Ricky Garza. Warren noted that in the past, these types of requests had been submitted and granted.While hired as a jailer, he is also a licensed Peace Officer. By deputizing Garza, he will be able to use his Peace Officer powers as necessary while continuing to undergo training. The final item, however, was tabled: a request to approve the addition of an investigative tool called Leads Online for the sheriff's department. Funding for the item--which assists law enforcement with recovering stolen property, reducing metal theft and solving crimes, as stated on the Leads Online website--was still being determined.