NCSO releases racial profiling report

During the Commissioners' Court meeting held on Feb. 28, the Nolan County Sheriff's Office presented their 2010 Racial Profiling Report.Submitted and presented by Sheriff David Warren, Nolan County Sheriff's Office deputies stopped a total of 704 people. The majority of the stops were White, summing up to on overwhelming 486, or 69%. The White population stands at 59.9% in the county, compared to the state population of 46.7%.A steep number decrease is seen between the White population and the second highest group, Hispanics. 151 stops, or 21.4%, were made. In Nolan County, the Hispanic population is 33.4%; in Texas, the population stands at 36.9%.Yet another considerable drop is seen between the #2 and #3 population group, Black (African-American), with a recorded 38 stops, or 5.4%. The county Black (African-American) population is 5.5.%, and the state population is 12%.Only 7 (1%) of Asians were stopped in Nolan county in 2010. The Asian population is 0.8% in the county, with the state population standing at 3.6%.The final two races reported were Native American and Middle Eastern, both reporting only one stop, or 0.1.%. While no county or state population reports were noted for Middle Easterners, Native American populations come in at 0.8% for both Nolan County and the state.The report, however, is broken down to determine that factors that equated to the 704 stops made by Nolan County Sheriff's deputies, including the number of motor vehicle stops, ethnicity known prior to the stop, number of conducted searches and if consent was given for the search.With the number of motor vehicle stops, over half were "warning only" at 543. Following is the "citation only" stops with 130 listed, and 19 stops were "contact only". Ten stops were reported as "citation and arrest", while only 2 stops were "arrest only".A questions asking if "race or ethnicity [was] known prior to stop" was listed in the report as well. Only 2 responded with "yes", leaving the remaining 702 stops reporting with a "no" response.In searches conducted by the Nolan County Sheriff's Office deputies, 681 stops were reported with no search. Thus, 23 searches were conducted. Consent was given to deputies in only 12 of the 23 searches reported, leaving 11 searches without consent.According to the report, "There were no complaints of racial profiling lodged against any member of the Nolan County Sheriff's Office during calendar year 2010." This report differs from the racial profiling report highlighting the Sweetwater Police Department, which was submitted and presented during the City Commission meeting held in February by Sweetwater Police Chief Jim Kelley.