New business Argos Brewhouse and Bookseller prepares for opening, Sept 5

Staff Writer

Jeff Allen, Jared Houze, and Rod Wetsel, all of Sweetwater, are opening Argos Brewhouse and Bookseller downtown. There will be a preview night held tonight, August 25 from 6p.m- 9p.m at 209 Oak Street. They will plan to officially open on Tuesday, September 5.
Preview night will be a community outreach to let the citizens go into Argos and take a look, enjoy a some drinks, some live music and get to hangout.
The combination coffeehouse, bookstore, and bar will aim to be a casual hangout spot for all residents of Sweetwater, including days when children can even go to enjoy some fun activities.
Not only is the bar selling beer on tap, but also craft beer, bottled soda, soda from a fountain, and wine that is not sold by anyone else in Sweetwater.
start providing ground coffee in the mornings.
The original idea of the business came from Jeff Allen who is Wetsel’s law partner. His idea was to open up a bookstore, he eventually shared more ideas with Wetsel and Houze about a coffee shop to go with the bookstore. Houze put in his idea of selling beer and wine.
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