New heart symbol spreads love on Texas roads

Not sure how to tell her you love her? Well, here’s one way no one has said it before in Texas. Put it on a plate. For the first time, Texans can order official Texas license plates with a heart symbol.Order at The heart joins the period, dash and Texas silhouette as symbols you can work into a personalized message on your plate. The plate at right shows just one of the million ways you could use the heart symbol to let everyone know whom you love, the team you love, the car you love, the hobby, sport, food you love. Take heart. Have a heart. Steal his heart. Heartbreaker or heart-warmer, wholehearted devotion or half-hearted humor, you can wear your heart on your sleeve/plate. You get the idea.  Give your heart away!  You can order a personalized plate as a gift or just buy a gift card and let friends and family pick out their own heart message. Put your heart into it! Go to and choose from 78 designs.  Check to see if your heart message is available, then order. The plate arrives for pick-up at a county tax office in about three weeks. If only all matters of the heart were that simple. Personalized plates start at $85 a year. The price depends on how many letters you spell with and how many years you want to keep the plate. Plates come in 1, 5, and 10 year terms. The longer the term, the better the deal. Texans have bought more than 31,000 My Plates since November 2009, putting more than $2.4M in the state general revenue fund.