A new look, an old battle

Abortion; is it right or wrong? It's an age-long debate that has divided, not only Americans, but the world in two: pro-life, or pro-choice. Does a fetus deserve the right to life with no questions asked? Or is it the choice of the mother to conceive a child or not conceive a child? In the beginning when this debate came to be, the questions were either for it or against it. Now the debate is so simple. Now the world has stem cell research. With the recent discovery in stem cell research the question is not just are you for it or against it. From the unborn, aborted fetuses, scientists have discovered that it is possible to help cure certain diseases and injuries, like spinal cord injuries, Alzheimer's disease and diabetes. A number of diseases that have plagued people around the world now seem to be curable, thanks to stem cell research. Also, those who originally opposed abortion, some of these people being the leaders of our country — like Senator Strom Thurman, Senator McCain and former Senator of Florida Connie Mack — are now pro-choice and for stem cell research. It seems when those people who originally voted against abortion or stem cell research at one point in time in the past now have the experience of having a loved one with an ailing disease, injury or daughter or girlfriend with an unwanted pregnancy. They seem to have changed their opinion. Stem cell research and abortion is easy to vote or speak out against until you know someone that can benefit from it. It becomes a question of medicinal evolution. Either we overcome these diseases killing millions of people around the globe, or we become overwhelmed by it and continue to lose our loved ones.John Vaughn is a resident of Sweetwater. Comments about this column may be e-mailed to editor@sweetwaterreporter.com.