New SNAP building accepted by city

The new SNAP (Senior Nutrition Activities Program) building was accepted by the city commissioners during their meeting on Tuesday morning at City Hall.John Voller with Enprotec/Hibbs & Todd explained that in the letter submitted to the city by the company, the building is in compliance of the specifications, although a few minor details are still being dealt with. Overall, the building is ready to be occupied--a good building that was constructed at a good cost.The acceptance of the building also allowed for the warranty to be enacted immediately. Additionally, the final pay request for Coe Construction was included as part of the action item.The current sign for the SNAP building is slated for continual use, as the city was responsible for signage. Tables and other furniture have already been moved into the new building so that it can be occupied in the near future.Also during the meeting, the agenda outlined that bids were scheduled to be opened for the Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way waterline relocation project. However, Voller explained that several factors led to its delay.The railroad had requested the relocation, as their intention is to begin their respective project starting in April 2014. But as of this past Friday afternoon, Voller said that further information and additional specifications and regulations were being sent by the railroad, which was too much information to give to the contractors prior to Tuesday's meeting.As a result, the bids will be opened at next month's meeting, set for December 10. Significant costs have been added to the project--now totaling around $1 million--but the expectation is for the money to be spent to best benefit the city.Additionally, Enprotec/Hibbs & Todd are now working with city staff on redesign. The railroad has extended the timeline for the city, and will now also delay their own construction project.