News flash! Obama creates some jobs!

Scene 1 act 1, cut to a tall tow headed thin man climbing to the top of the Capitol Dome (surrounded by parking lots totally devoid of any kind of police), holding a gun magazine capable of containing more than ten rounds of ammunition, while shrieking loudly "you'll never take me alive". Camera then pointedly pans to the "police-less" area surrounding the Capitol Dome…. (Excerpt from the yet to be written "How the Left Doesn't Police the Left).Well, I'm just shocked. The Washington D.C. Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has publicly decided to not prosecute David Gregory and his co-conspirators at NBC (Never Been Caught?) for acquiring, importing, and possessing a "high capacity" ammunition magazine. I ask you, who could have seen that one coming?I'm pretty disappointed, because that particular crime came with the possibility of a year in jail, I was hoping we were going to be treated to David Gregory coming to us from prison with something like "Meet the Oppressed”. Before people start thinking I'm being hard on Mr. Gregory and the poor substitute for a real justice system which is letting him get off scot free, I have a comment. I want to point out that the same organization which just let him off, has a history of aggressively prosecuting average citizens caught with "high capacity" magazines. While David Gregory may be able to (with the cooperation of the OAG) openly flaunt the laws in D.C., to quote an old time announcer "don't try this at home boys and girls". I'm reasonably certain that if you or I were to do something like this, we would get to see how the Washington D.C. justice system functions from the "inside". The inside of jail that is.I guess it's okay though, the OAG did write a scathing letter that somebody somewhere at NBC (Not Being Culpable?) probably had to read. What a firm "slap on the wrist" that was. Why, they even warned NBC (Nobody Basically Cares?) not to ever do it again, or by golly, there might be consequences. Well, I guess there is some kind of justice after all.You know, maybe I'm approaching this all wrong. Maybe what we have here, instead of a travesty of justice is a business opportunity. Since now it's very clear that David Gregory has some kind of immunity from D.C. laws (apparently granted by the OAG itself), maybe what an enterprising individual should do is approach Mr. Gregory about a partnership. I mean after all, how golden would a gun dealer in Washington D.C be if he can publicly possess and traffic in banned guns and accessories with no fear of arrest or confiscation? Not only that, he clearly already has a trafficking operation in place (which the OAG is also ignoring) so there would be no need to establish a "pipeline" for merchandise.You know, that almost sounds like going into the drug business, except that judging (or maybe in this case not-judging) by the appearance of the Washington D.C. Metro area, and how they usually treat infractions of their draconian gun laws (I mean in instances where a normal citizen breaks them, not when one of their liberal leaders does it), I would have to say the penalties and difficulties seem to be a lot more lax for drug dealers than they are for gun owners. Get caught smoking a little crack at the Washington monument, probably business as usual, but by golly if you own a gun magazine that might hold more than ten rounds, I bet it's "book 'em Dano" (unless of course, as has just been proven, you are a well known liberal).Okay, moving on from David Gregory and the blatant, society-destroying favoritism he is receiving from Washington D.C. OAG (or as I like to refer to the chief of that office, the worst Attorney General in the U.S other than Eric Holder), I have to make a confession. One of the beliefs that I have long held about Barack Obama is that he would never do anything that contributed to the Capitalist system.Just to be clear, while I'm firm in the belief that government has zero ability to create jobs, it can invigorate an existing, or even allow (but not create themselves) the creation of new industries by just not restricting, or lessening restrictions, on the private sector. Ronald Reagan's secret wasn't that he knew how to create jobs. Ronald Reagan was well aware that government doesn't create jobs, his trick was getting out of the way and allowing capitalists to be capitalists.There is no doubt in my mind that none of this is a secret to The Obama, if job creation were his true goal, he would be behaving more like Reagan, or really nearly any President except Carter, than what he's actually doing. The reason I'm so surprised isn't because an industry is being invigorated, but rather that it's being allowed to happen at all. In fact, because of the industry that's doing so well, I'm going to have to say that this one was probably unplanned.So what is this industry that's doing so well now? What type of business has The Barack invigorated nearly overnight with his statements, policies, and intentions? Why, it's the gun business. Because of his statements and intentions, both before and after Sandy Hook (may all the victims of that tragedy rest in peace), the demand for guns, ammunition, and gun supplies has gone through the roof. I haven't asked any manufacturers in the gun business, but I'm sure they are working extra shifts and hiring new employees. This brings me to another point. By my personal judgment, gun prices have gone up at least fifty percent, and the cost of ammunition and other supplies has at least doubled, if you can find them at all. If these kinds of shortages and short term price increases were to have happened with gasoline, the federal government would be threatening prosecution for price gouging and trying to assure the citizenry that prices would be brought down (especially if there was an election coming up). Why aren't we getting some of the same government consideration concerning firearms? Since The Barack has spent so much time bragging about all of the wars he is ending and not fighting, couldn't he release some of the "strategic reserve" of military arms and ammunition into the civilian market to dampen the price fluctuations? Hasn't he done that with oil a couple of times already? Didn't the government just work overtime to avert a steep rise in milk prices (they did)?While I seriously doubt The Barack intended to create a situation where the National Rifle Association (NRA) had to install extra phone lines to handle all of the new membership applications, he has indeed done just that. He did achieve one of his goals, which is fewer guns available for sale. The way he accomplished that feat was by scaring the Second Amendment supporting public into purchasing all the guns they could get their hands on. I would have to say the American public has made it abundantly clear what they think of any new gun control laws. It's just not feasible that all of the pro-gun fervor has gone unnoticed. Whether The Barack can force more gun control on an unwilling America, much as he did with Obamacare, remains to be seen.How hard he tries will tell you how badly he wants an unarmed public.Bruce Kreitler is the author of Obamageddon (the Culmination of the Progressive Looting of America) and posts this and other articles at