NIE program reaches local students

A community paper like the Sweetwater Reporter becomes part of the lives of those in the cities reached. Every family collects clippings of times when their children, extended family or loved ones are featured on a story or a photograph. This is what the Sweetwater Reporter strives to provide.For the Newspaper in Education (NIE) program, each school district is asked to provide pertinent news about their students such as honor rolls, scholastic achievements, extracurricular activities, band accomplishments and sports news. Photos and stories are also featured from students when submitted to the paper.Monday will be the designated day in which the content will be highlighted so that students will be able to see the content about them or created by them. "This year's NIE program was a success," said local program coordinator and circulation manager Andrea Croan. "For the 2014-2015 school year, we want to make the program an even bigger success."Many classrooms are lined up to participate in the NIE program this upcoming school year, which will be more hands-on this year."Students will be utilizing the newspapers to create and submit stories of their own," Croan explained. "This year, we will incorporate more of the teacher/sponsor leadership."At the end of the school year, the classroom that has submitted the most newspaper activities will be awarded with a pizza party. To submit activities to the newspaper, please email submissions, questions or concerns to managing editor Tatiana Rodriguez at, the NIE program would not be successful without sponsors. Individuals, businesses and organizations can sponsor a classroom for an entire school year. The classes receive a newspaper every week."We are always looking for new classrooms and new sponsors who would love to participate in the NIE program. Call us today at 325-236-6677," said Croan.What is newspaper in education? The Sweetwater Reporter’s Newspaper In Education program (NIE), develops and achieves an on-going literacy program geared to support the needs of Nolan County teachers and students by providing an authentic resource, the newspaper, for use in daily classroom activities as the most up-to-date textbook available.What Newspaper In Education provides:Classroom sets of newspapers for teachers and students; plus• Curriculum guides for teachers;• Informative teacher workshops;• Kid Scoop, an informative kids page designed to elementary age students, it encourages them to read and aids in history and math with creative games published each Monday in the newspaper;• Educational guides of relevant topics for newspaper readers, teachers and students.What are the community benefits of NIE?• Students in schools with at least some NIE programs did 10 percent to 30 percent better than students in schools that had no NIE programs.*• Newspapers sharpen students' thinking skills and increases interest and motivation by providing study materials relevant to their lives in the community.• “Newspaper In Education programs can and do have a measurable and positive impact on the schools which use them. The value of the program generally increases with frequency and depth of the program.” Taken from the publication: Measuring Success.• Newspapers broaden students' educational experience and enhance their knowledge of the world.• NIE programs work especially well for students from non-English speaking houses.*• Studies have shown, students who regularly read newspapers are more apt to become voters and be more aware, involved citizens in their communities.More and more teachers are requesting the Sweetwater Reporter for their classrooms to help meet the latest standards.*Research by Dan Sullivan, University Of Minnesota