A Night of Art and Music hosted by Argo’s

Staff Reporter

Friday, November 17 Argo’s hosted “A Night of Art and Music”. The event featured local artist Toro Saniya Vaun, local author Joseph Grant, and a live band “Peregrino” from Austin.
Torro’s art was hung on the walls of Argo’s for display. Vaun, a Sweetwater resident and owner of Campus Doughnuts was born in Cambodia in 1977 during the Khmer Rouge regime led by Pol Pot when large scale genocide lead to the deaths of 25 percent of the total population. Torture, political executions, forced labor, starvation and internment led to these deaths.  Over the next decade, Vaun and his family were for forced to move to five refugee camps along the Thai border. He came to the United States as a teenager and spoke no English. He graduated from Portland High School and went to Maine College as a photography major. Vaun has been influenced by Impressionism, Cubism, Dada and Baroque styes of art but Vaun is also inspired by spiritualism and nature, as well. Many of his pieces illustrate the harmony and stark realism that nature provides. Vaun went on to explain how each photo and each painting is a form of poetry and prose and how each tells their own story. Vaun has three books out on his artwork, The Poetry of Love, My Heart in the Garden of God and Songs of the Sea. “Art is about rebirth. We can leave the past behind us, but we must never forget where we came from and how the past has shaped us. but it is in art that we are all reborn.”  Vaun
Joseph Grant read from his book Mexicali Blues. As a Pushcart Prize nominee, Joseph Grant’s short stories have been published in over 300 literary reviews, magazines and newspapers. His work has appeared in reviews such as Byline, New Authors Journal, Cavalcade of Stars, strangeroad. FarAway Journal, Full of Crow, Heroin Love Songs, Bewildering Stories, Writing Raw, Unheard Magazine, Absent Willow Literary Review.Byline, Underground Voices, Midwest Literary Magazine, Inwood Indiana Literary Review, Hack Writers, Six Sentences, NexGenPulp, Is This Reality Zine , Darkest Before Dawn, to name a few. Alpha Beat Press has also published a book of his poetry, Indigo. He also has two boxing novels published by Fight Card Productions, The Guns of November and The Last Round of Archie Mannis.