Nolan County Board of Realtors questioning flood zone

The Nolan County Board of Realtors, (NCBR) is planning on sending out a survey to the Sunnyvale, Fairway and Club Trail neighborhoods. The NCBR wants to determine if the homeowners on the southern side of these streets would be interested in a joint effort with the NCBR in taking steps to have their area reevaluated and to possibly have the flood zone status removed.The homes on the even numbered, or south side of the streets, are in a flood zone and the homes on the north side of the street are not. The NCBR is sure that the homeowners are well aware of this situation. If they have a mortgage on their home, they are paying a premium for flood insurance in addition to their regular homeowner's policy. This area of town has never flooded, as far as the members of the NCBR are aware. There appears to be more than adequate drainage to handle even the heaviest of rains. It is, however, because of this drainage system that the homes on the south side of all three areas are considered to be in a flood zone.The NCBR this it is in the best interest of both the homeowner and the NCBR to address this issue.Removing this zoning would alleviate the homeowner from having to pay an extra fee for being in a flood zone area. This would also benefit the homeowner and the NCBR when the time comes for the homeowner to put their property on the market to sell. The fact that the home resides in a flood zone has a negative impact on not only the marketing of that property, but also its likely value.The NCBR will be sending a self-addressed and stamped envelope with the survey enclosed to determine if this is both a feasible and desirable quest for the NCBR to pursue. There is no guarantee that the zoning can be changed, but the NCBR is interested in finding out if it is possible.Please look for that survey in your mail. If you have any questions or input, please contact Scott Morgan and Dan Huck at 235-1762 or LaGena Weaver at 236-6321.