Nolan County Commissioners Meet

The Nolan County Commissioners met for their regular meeting on Monday morning, December 12, 2011 at the Nolan County Courthouse, with several presentations being made on a variety of matters.Three county residents presented an ongoing situation on County Road 235 to the court about several vehicles that drive at excessive speeds. Currently, no speed limit or warning signs are posted on the road. They were told by local law enforcement that in order to get patrol on the street, signs would need to be posted. The citizens not only voiced their concern about the reckless driving, but about the potential dangers and accidents that could occur if the road remained the same without any signs.They also noted that out of the nine homeowners on the street, six of them are retirees who have known the area to be peaceful and quiet. However, a few teenagers and several parties which are being held in the area have led to elevated traffic and the decline of road etiquette.Commissioner Terry Locklar, who had been discussing the matter with the residents, noted that the road was very unique based on its landscape and location and was familiar with the road.Lisa Peterson, the county attorney, was in attendance at the meeting and informed the citizens that the road would have to be acknowledged as a residential area upon entering a finding, but state law mandates that a speed limit could only be set as low as 20 MPH (miles per hour). However, while the number of cautionary signs on the road is limitless, the enforcing of the signs would be a completely different issue. The item on the agenda was noted for approval to be given for 15 MPH on the road, but the commissioners approved to recognize the road as a residential area and to set the speed limit at 20 MPH.Ms. Peterson also made a presentation regarding an agreement with Texas National Bank (TNB) for automated clearing house (payroll ACH) direct deposits. The county and TNB have been working on a contract, and discussion was held among county staff about potentially changing their practices on the issue. However, two commissioners agreed that the current system in place should continue, and approval was given on the agreement.In other financial-related items, a representative from Davis, Kinard and Co. presented a summarized breakdown of the entire audit report from the past fiscal year to the commissioners. A clean audit opinion was given and the county's financial staff was commended for their work. No action was taken following the presentation, along with the presentation from Carol Chappell with Pro Star Energy Co. on an electric service provider for Nolan County.The company works with surrounding counties and Ms. Chappell presented an analysis sheet to the commissioners that cited various rate plans. She noted that a couple factors would affect the rates, including the completion of the CREZ transmission line.On other action items, approval was given on the renewal of the tax abatement guidelines for Nolan County. The regulations were developed at the inception of the windfarms and no changes were noted.In addition, a resolution was adopted and approved which updated the county's 457 plan as recommended by Security Benefit in order to comply with new regulations required by Congress and the IRS. Other than the updates, no other changes were made.Approval was also given by the commissioners to receive and file the statement of financial position along with the 4th Quarterly Report for the 2011 fiscal year for the 32nd Judicial District Community Supervision and Corrections Department. Furthermore, the burn ban for Nolan County was approved to remain lifted for the next two weeks.Also approved were the minutes from the November 28 and December 5 meetings; reports from the County Clerk and Government Trapper were received and approved as well.