Nolan County Farm Bureau donates to local food pantry

Concern about the cost of a healthy diet being out of reach are on the minds of many Americans as the nation continues to work through serious economic woes. However, according to an Agriculture Department study, the cost of eating healthy hasn't changed as much as some less-healthy alternatives. Eating healthy food while on a budget does require strategic shopping.Farm Bureau focuses on helping Americans learn how to stretch their grocery dollars with healthy, nutritious food. America's farmers and ranchers are committed to producing safe, healthy and abundant food. And they share a common concern with consumers when it comes to putting nutritious meals on the table while sticking to a tight budget.Farm Bureau is aimed at helping American consumers learn how to shop strategically to put nutritious meals on the table with fewer dollars. "Learning how to use your grocery dollars wisely helps ensure that nutrition isn't neglected."Nolan County Farm Bureau has donated $500 to Gaylord's Pantry. The pantry's funds come from many places. The donations come from First Methodist Church members, the community, the Ministerial Alliance and a FEMA grant from the City of Sweetwater, plus other donations.