Nolan County Foundation donates to Kids on the Land program

Board members of the Nolan County Foundation recently approved a donation of $2,000 to Kids on the Land, a children's program for grades K-6. According to Homer Taylor, President and Executive Director of the NCF, the board acted on the request for funding after hearing a presentation by Peggy Maddox, Executive Director of the program. She was assisted in the presentation by Katherine Dickson from the 69 Ranch.According to Maddox and Dickson, the program is designed to provide a unique environmental program that teaches children about the region where they live, connecting them to the land and a more sustainable future.The KOL program was designed by Maddox in 2003 for use on a Holistic Management International learning site in West Texas. The program is now a 501c3 non-profit organization with programs across Texas. The 69 Ranch program scheduled for the fall of 2014 is in its third year. This Nolan County program involves over 230 elementary students.In making the announcement of this latest award from the NCF to Nolan County worthwhile projects with non-profit organizations, Taylor stated that NCF board members continue to seek new projects that will benefit Nolan County and help in making an improved quality of life for its citizens. For additional information on the KOL program, contact Peggy Maddox at 325-292-2292. For more information on NCF, contact Homer Taylor at 325-236-6680 or any of the NCF board, including Glenn Bennett, J.V. Martin, Rod Wetsel, Ronald G. Williams, Bill Johnson, Ronnie Cox, Jerry Riggs, Jan Smith, Carolyn Lawrence, Tom Rees, Jr. and John Jay.