Nolan County Jail passes inspection

Last Tuesday, Oct. 26, the Nolan County Jail was thoroughly inspected by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. The inspection lasted most of the day and checked for compliance in all areas of the jail operation.“If you really want to see a Texas Sheriff smile; just let him pass jail inspection,” said Sheriff David Warren. “Our jail facility is responsible and accountable for over 600 standards of responsibility under the Texas minimum jail standards. Jail inspections are tougher and more comprehensive than ever before and so I couldn’t be more pleased to know that we are in compliance.”The Sheriff received the Certificate of Compliance from the Jail Commission on Monday, Nov. 1. “I can’t say enough about the jail staff. I have 18 hard working, dedicated men and women assigned to the jail portion of the Sheriff’s Office operation. Our inspection was a total surprise and we passed with flying colors. We are working in a 33-year-old facility that is overcrowded and inadequate in so many ways and that emphasizes the great efforts of the jail staff even more. To pass inspection with the challenges of our current jail facility is a real accomplishment. I am very proud of my staff and the professionalism with which they perform their duties.”The future of a new jail or law enforcement center remains in the hands of the County Judge and County Commissioner’s Court. “Until a new facility is provided someday, we will continue to operate the current one to the very best of our ability,” Warren said.Each county jail in Texas is inspected annually by inspectors with the Texas Jail Commission.