Nolan County Republican Party hosts convention, fills seven delegate seats

The Nolan County Republican Party held its Republican Convention on Saturday, March 22.Larry May, Nolan County Republican Chairman, was elected unanimously as presiding Chairman of the Nolan County Republican Convention 2014.The Nolan County Republican Convention also elected Donnie McKinney as Precinct Chairman for Nolan County Precinct 1. McKinney was officially placed as Chairman Precinct 1 by Republican Chairman, Larry May.Nolan County, by previous voter turnout, can send seven delegates to the Republican State Convention to represent Nolan County. All seven delegate seats were filled and voted on unanimously.The following delegates will represent and vote for Nolan County: Amy Bayse, President of The Republican Women of West Texas; Ted Bayse; Tyson Bayse; Betty Staton; Kimberly McKinney, Vice-President of The Republican Women of West Texas; Donnie McKinney, Republican Precinct 1 Chairman; and Michallah McKinney, former page for Representative Susan King and former intern for Attorney General Greg Abbott.The Nolan County Republican Convention passed several Resolutions to go forward to the State Convention. Voting to support and further all resolutions currently supported by the Republican Party including the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.Voting included a resolution to prevent Texas Parks and Wildlife from making future “rules” that would prevent gassing of rattlesnakes that would greatly impact the economy of Sweetwater and the surrounding area.The Nolan County Republicans also passed a resolution to protect the 2nd Amendment and a call for Concealed Carry to be changed to Open Carry in the State of Texas.Also passed was a Resolution for Texas, that currently rejected Common Core curriculum, to also reject CSCOPE curriculum, which is currently still used in some Texas school districts, despite CSCOPE being shut down and curriculum no longer being available for use after August 31, 2013, calling for action to be taken by Texas Legislature to be taken against school districts still using the curriculum and instead using a teach to learn based curriculum instead of a one size fits all, teach to test based curriculum that Texas has already rejected.The Nolan County Convention passed a Resolution calling for welfare reform, including a call for legislation for drug testing for welfare recipients in the State of Texas.The Republicans state that they look forward to representing Nolan County at the State Convention in June. It is the first time that all seats have been filled to represent Nolan County on a state level.