Nolan County voting results announced

The Nolan County Election results are in and totals have been announced. The totals are as follows:Proposition 1For: 446Against: 105Proposition 2For: 294Against: 352Proposition 3For: 299Against: 251Proposition 4For: 177Against: 355Proposition 5For: 340Against: 207Proposition 6For: 249Against: 300Proposition 7For: 225Against: 309Proposition 8For: 206Against: 327Proposition 9For: 287Against: 257Proposition 10For: 304Against: 233Mail In VotesProposition 1For: 2Against: 0Proposition 2For: 2Against: 0Proposition 3For: 2Against: 0Proposition 4For: 0Against: 2Proposition 5For: 2Against: 0Proposition 6For: 1Against: 1Proposition 7For: 2Against: 0Proposition 8For: 1Against: 1Proposition 9For: 2Against: 0Proposition 10For: 1Against: 1Early VotingProposition 1For: 85Against: 23Proposition 2For: 65Against: 43Proposition 3For: 60Against: 49Proposition 4For: 37Against: 69Proposition 5For: 69Against: 40Proposition 6For: 54Against: 54Proposition 7For: 50Against: 58Proposition 8For: 44Against: 62Proposition 9For: 57Against: 53Proposition 10For: 66Against: 42Election DayProposition 1For: 359Against: 82Proposition 2For: 227Against: 209Proposition 3For: 237Against: 202Proposition 4For: 140Against: 284Proposition 5For: 269Against: 167Proposition 6For: 194Against: 245Proposition 7For: 173Against: 251Proposition 8For: 161Against: 264Proposition 9For: 228Against: 204Proposition 1oFor: 237Against: 190