In November, “Recall” the Recall

So I understand that Governor Scott Walker’s opponent in the recent recall election says the battle isn’t finished. Well, I would expect nothing else, after all he apparently didn’t realize the people of Michigan didn’t want him as governor when he ran against Scott Walker the first time around and lost. Talk about not taking a hint. I know politicians are really thick skinned, and sometimes thick headed, but most of the time even politicians realize losing an election means no. It seems that far and away the majority of politicians, as well as second graders everywhere, understand that if you still want to try for that job, you’ll have to wait for the next scheduled election. Not Tom Barrett though, he clearly doesn’t know how to take “no” for an answer.Say, on another note, how would you like to have Tom Barrett for a house guest? Can you imagine trying to give him a polite hint that he has overstayed his welcome? Somehow, I get the idea that “say Tom, you need to make plans while we go on a trip of our own this weekend” wouldn’t get this guy off your couch. In fact, judging by his recent actions, “get your butt out of my house” probably wouldn’t work any better. You might have to sell your house to someone who would be willing to take Mr. Barrett as a permanent unwanted guest in return for a discounted sales price. Hey, maybe you could call a local exterminator and tell them you have the biggest pest on record in your home and proving they could get rid of even a “Barrett” would be a really effective advertising campaign. Let’s get back to that “not finished” thing. I’m curious what Mr. Barrett (I wonder if the manufacturers of the fifty caliber Barrett rifles have contacted Tom Barrett and asked him if he could change his name) means by not finished. Does he perhaps mean that he thinks it’s time for another recall election? Clearly he didn’t like the results of his first run against Scott Walker, and just as clearly, he didn’t want to comply with the wishes of the voting citizens of the state. So now he just lost another election for the same office, running against the same person, and turned away, yet again, by the same voting public, except in larger numbers and by a larger percentage this second time. I know it’s pretty subtle, but I think there’s a message there somewhere.I have a few thoughts concerning the time and money spent on the recall election in Wisconsin. First, and I don’t think this is going to occur to Mr. Barrett, he needs to send a thank you note to Governor Walker. He needs to thank him for governing in such a manner that the state of Wisconsin actually had the money to fund the recall election. As I recall it, Wisconsin was going down the tubes and not only was going to be broke, but was going to be in debt. It would be hard for a state with no funds to finance any election, recall or otherwise. Actually, there is some kind of mechanism for this because they still have elections in California, and that state is beyond broke. Still on the subject of elections and money spent on them, my second point is that Tom Barrett should get an invoice from the State of Wisconsin for the money spent holding the recall election. Since the political ploy of the left failed, and it cost the state of Wisconsin money, in a time where budgets are (or should be anyway) being trimmed, it should cost them something. I personally don’t like the idea of recall elections, but I don’t know of a better mechanism for removing an office holder who truly is doing harm and desperately needs to be ousted. But bad governance wasn’t the case here. The voters of Wisconsin have plainly let the world know they approve of their governors performance. I think those election results, in spite of extreme efforts on the part of the left, have shown that this particular recall election was nothing but a (failed) political ploy. If office holders have to govern with the constant threat of recall elections hanging over their head, it’s going to be even harder than it already is to find responsible people to run for office. If however, people or groups who call for recall elections have to pay for them if they lose, well, instigating a recall election just because you think it might work for you politically will sure lose a lot of its appeal. I think people who cause taxpayers a lot of unnecessary expense should have to pony up and pay that expense. Not only do I think that, but I also think Tom Barrett is just the person to use to set the precedent. I wonder if Mr. Barrett got a call after the election from Al Gore. I can only imagine that conversation. I’m sure they both could commiserate over elections they think were stolen from them. Probably, they will have a lot to talk about and agree on, right up until Al Gore says “Say Tom, while I have you on the phone, could I interest you in some carbon credits”? I bet the phone call ends very shortly after that.Despite the fact that I think the Wisconsin election went exactly as it should have (I am enjoying the verbal acrobatics of the left trying to spin it as a win, or as unimportant), the truth is conservatism had pretty much already “won” this one no matter what the results of the election were. The left and the unions have struggled so hard, and been so obvious about their machinations concerning this particular election that even if they had won, no reasonable person would have attached much credibility to it. In my opinion, the left in general and unions in particular shot themselves in the foot (with a “Barrett” too) on this one. They not only laid everything on the line, but they did it in a manner which showed their desperation for the whole world to see. They had already “lost” before the first ballot was cast. The recall election didn’t show their loss, it merely quantified it. One more thing, my suggestion for the next Wisconsin recall election, if anybody’s in the mood, is for the position of Mayor of Milwaukee. After all if Mr. Barrett is such a big believer in recall elections, I think he should get to enjoy another one, and the sooner the better. Bruce Kreitler is the author of Obamageddon (the Culmination of the Progressive Looting of America) and posts this and other articles at