Nurses respond to fire

A small fire occurred on Sunday evening, Jan. 15, 2012 at Nolan Nursing and Rehab located at 705 NE Georgia in Sweetwater.According to NNR administration, the small electric fire began in an overhead light in the room of a resident, thus triggering the alarm system. Two employees immediately extinguished the blaze, while a total of four employees responded to the situation.The Sweetwater Fire Department responded to the fire — which was already put out at the time of their arrival — and the all-clear was given. NNR personnel note that the fire was very minor as the smoke was much more of a concern.Sweetwater Fire Chief Grant Madden stated that the actions of the employees not only assisted the fire department, but also saved the lives of the residents. Madden will be issuing a letter of commendation to the employees praising their effective methods in handling the situation.No injuries were reported in the isolated incident.