Obama wins election

Thousands headed to the polls to cast their ballot on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, including Nolan County. With all nine precincts reporting, voter turnout came up to only 54%. Out of 8,493 registered voters, only 4,607 ballots were cast.Straight party tickets were popular among Republican voters, with a total of 1,367 ballots. Democrats brought in 716 straight-ticket votes, while Libertarian and Green party ballots were at 33 and 10, respectively.Though opposite of the electoral map, Nolan County voters submitted 3,277 votes from the Republican candidate for president, Mitt Romney, and his running mate Paul Ryan. The re-elected President and Vice President, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, obtained 1,216 votes.Sixty-three votes came in for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, while Jill Stein with the Green Party garnered 11 votes. Thirteen write-in votes were also cast.In the prominent local race, Nolan County voters said yes to all three of the propositions on the ballot. The first proposition--for the renovations on the Nolan County Courthouse--saw a thirty-nine percent gap, with 2,825 votes for and 1,242 against.The second proposition, which dealt with the construction of a new county jail, brought in 2,236 votes for and 1,839 votes against. The final proposition--for the construction of the new Sheriff's offices--was the contest with the slimmest margin of victory, with 2,043 votes for and 1,999 against.The other local race was for the county commissioner seat in Precinct 1. Democrat Terry Willman will continue to serve in that capacity, gaining 616 votes in comparison to the 499 votes obtained by Republican candidate Jerry Hulcy.Other local leaders who were on the ballot were county attorney Lisa Peterson (D) with 3,006 votes, Sheriff David Warren (R) with 3,701 votes, county Tax Assessor-Collector Kathy Bowen (D) with 3,294 votes, Precinct 3 county commissioner Tommy White (D) with 716 votes and Will Lenoir (D) for Constable with 2,867 votes.Though considered a state race, 3,693 votes were also given to local officials Ann Reed (R) for District Attorney for the 32nd Judicial District, while 32nd Judicial District Judge Glen Harrison (R) obtained 3,705 votes.The following are the county results for the other Federal and State Races:United States Senator: Ted Cruz (R) - 2,997; Paul Sadler (D) - 1,309; John Jay Myers (L) - 112; David B. Collins (G) - 55United States Representative, District 19: Randy Neugebauer (R) - 3,298; Richard (Chip) Peterson (L) - 736Railroad Commission: Christi Craddick (R) - 2,903; Dale Henry (D) - 1,264; Vivekananda (Vik) Wall (L) - 106; Chris Kennedy (G) - 109Railroad Commission, Unexpired Term: Barry Smitherman (R) - 2,978; Jaime O. Perez (L) - 671; Josh Wendel (G) - 185Justice, Supreme Court, Place 2: Don Willett (R) - 3,220; RS Roberto Koelsch (L) - 590Justice, Supreme Court, Place 4: John Devine (R) - 3,032; Tom Oxford (L) - 615; Charles E. Waterbury (G) - 173Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6: Nathan Hecht (R) - 2,581; Michele Petty (D) - 1,398; Mark Ash (L) - 209; Jim Chisholm (G) - 94Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals: Sharon Keller (R) - 2,746; Keith Hampton (D) - 1,302; Lance Stott (L) - 223Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 7: Barbara Parker Hervey (R) - 3,049; Mark W. Bennett (L) - 755Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8: Elsa Alcala (R) - 2,945; William Bryan Strange, III (L) - 875Member, State Board of Education, District 15: Marty Rowley (R) - 2,839; Steven D. Schafersman (D) - 1,387State Senator, District 28: Robert Duncan (R) - 3,190; M.J. (Smitty) Smith (L) - 685State Representative, District 71: Susan L. King (R) - 3,727Chief Justice, 11th Court of Appeals District: Jim R. Wright (R) - 3,558Justice, 11th Court of Appeals District, Place 2, Unexpired Term: Mike Willson (R) - 3,515