OCLA donates to local VFDs

The Oak Creek Lake Association (OCLA) announced contributions of $1,000 to the Volunteer Fire Departments (VFD) of Blackwell and Bronte as well as $1,000 to each Emergency Medical Services (EMS) of Bronte and Blackwell for a total of $4,000 contributed.The City of Sweetwater owns Oak Creek Lake and surrounding property (with few exceptions) and leases lake lots to individuals. The lake is the major source of drinking water to the city of Sweetwater. The lessees pay taxes in Coke County and some lake lots pay Blackwell ISD taxes.OCLA came into being in 2008 as a coming together of lake lot lessees at Oak Creek Lake. The group at their May 2011 annual membership meeting unanimously approved the appropriations. Everyone recognized the life-saving work of the EMS and the VFD's that protect their investments and lives in eastern Coke County and supported rewarding the receiving organizations.The annual dues (set at $10 for 2011) of association members was the source of the funds. Membership in the association is limited to those who lease (or own) property around Oak Creek Lake. The association (a 501(c) entity) focuses on and addresses issues affecting lake lot folks.The Oak Creek Lake Association can be reached via Post Office Box 376, Blackwell, Texas 79506.