Organizers looking to hold benefit concert for injured Snyder officer

Organizers are developing plans for a weekend concert to benefit a Snyder Police Officer who was shot in the head last week.Organizer Jamie Crowley says she's booked the Snyder Coliseum for the weekend of August 19-21 in an effort to raise money for Darrell Campbell. Campbell has a long road to recovery ahead of him. He remains in critical condition.Crowley is now trying to spark interest and raise funds on the social media website Facebook."We need lots of help with fundraising, finding vendors and help finding those willing to sponsor. Money raised will be used to purchase tshirts, pay for sound equipment and anything pertaining to the setup of the benefit concert," said Crowley via Facebook. "All proceeds will go to the Campbell family."Crowley reports she's working with a local radio station to book bands for the event.If you're interested in helping out or you'd like more information, you can check out Benefit Concert for Darrell Campbell/Campbell Fest 2011 on Facebook.Campbell is a former patrolman with the Sweetwater Police Department.