Pioneer Museum in need of volunteers

The Pioneer Museum in Sweetwater has spent countless years preserving the history of the town and county as well as their citizens, but now the museum is in need of volunteers to continue that commitment.Betty Turner, an employee with the Pioneer Museum, shared that any and all volunteers are welcome and encouraged to help. With a number of large and small projects to be done, the only thing missing are people to assist.For instance, volunteers are needed to write up information for local media outlets along with documenting pieces and property at the museum. Turner also stated that they could use men to move pieces around the museum and also hang items like paintings.Along with Turner, the only other employee at the museum is the curator, Franzas Cupp. However, the Pioneer Museum is also seeking out people to serve on the board of directors. Currently, they are working on nominations for the board members, which will be submitted to the city and county for approval. The board members are needed to assist the staff in a variety of items, such as the current need of changing some mandates and other matters within the museum.Turner invites anyone who is interested in volunteering at the Pioneer Museum to come and see what ways they can be of service. For more information, call the Pioneer Museum at 235-8547. They are open every Tuesday through Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m.