Pittman denies sideline access

The Sweetwater Reporter was recently denied sideline access to Sweetwater Mustang home football games by Sweetwater Independent School District Superintendent Terry Pittman. Ron Howell, sports editor for the Reporter, was contacted this past Monday by Pittman and told that the Reporter would not be allowed to have its contract photographer on the sidelines for the game. However, Pittman would not reveal the reason for this decision to Howell. On Wednesday, Pittman also verified to Ron Midkiff, publisher of the Reporter, that access would be denied to the contract photographer. Midkiff explained to Pittman that this would put the newspaper in a bind and make it difficult to find a qualified person to help with photos for the games. Again during this conversation, Pittman would not give a reason for the decision to deny the Reporter’s contract photographer sideline access.The Sweetwater Reporter is striving to provide families and students with quality coverage of local school sporting events. Until an agreement can be made with the superintendent, allowing a contracted photographer on the sidelines, the Reporter regrets that some editions will lack the quality photos that readers, students, players and relatives deserve. If Sweetwater is going to grow as a community, it will take people working together for the good of everyone. The Sweetwater Reporter wishes to thank all its readers for their patience.