Police answer tough questions in Dunn case

In a weekend gathering to remember Dunn, supporters like Carrie McGonigle had tough words for local law enforcement."They can't get it together," said McGonigle. "They can't put their man egos aside and make it about a little girl."Police chief Roy Owens insists that's exactly what their work is about. He said, "That is our number one goal- is to find Hailey."Searchers like Holly Jenkins still gather to look for the missing teenager. She's angry, because she feels law enforcement is allowing her and others to waste their time."So we spent all day, all night, driving from all over to search and our items that we found, we tagged, we turned in weren't picked up," said Jenkins.Detective Kelsey Alexander explains that not everything can be collected, but says police are paying attention."Some of the items are collected. Some of them aren't. Just because it wasn't collected doesn't mean it wasn't investigated," she explains.Anger isn't just directed at the police department."There is seriously a lack of communication between Colorado City PD and the Sheriff's Department and the Texas Rangers...all of it," Carrie McGonigle said.Chief Owens says his department regularly communicates with other agencies. He also understands the frustration."I know it's been eight months, and I'm sorry we haven't had an answer for where Hailey is...yet, but I hope that we find that soon," Owens said.Sorry isn't good enough for Jenkins."We need someone else in charge. We need a new investigator- somebody with an open mind, that's going to listen and that's going to work and try," Holly Jenkins said.Chief Owens is concerned that too much gets lost in gossip and discussion. He says tips need to be given directly to law enforcement."If you're concerned and you have something that can help us solve this disappearance, then call us. Don't bash us. Give us a call. Help us out, that's what we want," said Owens.Everyone agrees they want Hailey home safely.