Possession, injury to a child cases heard in District Court

Four people pled guilty to Judge Glen Harrison during 32nd Judicial District Court proceedings on Monday, March 12, 2012, with District Attorney Ann Reed and Assistant District Attorney Barrett Thomas prosecuting the cases.With attorney Russell Abound, Vicki Virdiana Guerrero and Raven Javon Weaver both pled guilty to possession of marijuana, prosecuted as a second degree felony. The two were in possession of more than 50 pounds of marijuana, but less than 2,000 pounds, on May 4, 2011, according to their original indictments.They each received six years confinement in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and had that sentence suspended to six years of probation. They will also each be responsible for paying a fine of $2,000 and $384 in court costs. They will also have to serve 240 hours of community service each.With attorney Jacob Blizzard, Jeremy Enoch Harendt pled guilty to one count of injury to a child, a state jail felony. Another count of injury to a child was abandoned by the state in exchange for the guilty plea. According to the indictment, Harendt caused injury to a child under 14 years of age by spanking the child with a wooden paddle on Sept. 9, 2011. For his plea, Harendt received four years of community supervision and will have to pay a fine of $2,000, $743 in court costs and $500 in attorney's fees. He will have to serve 120 hours of community service and will also have to attend and successfully complete the Male Batterers Intervention Program.With attorney Trey Keith, Elizabeth Christina Hanneman pled guilty to driving while intoxicated, a third degree felony. For her plea, Hanneman received five years confinement in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, probated for five years. She will also have to pay a $1,000 fine, $484 in court costs and $500 in attorney's fees, as well as serve 160 hours of community service. She will also have to serve 10 days of mandatory jail time and have her driver's license suspended for one year.